SMP5 - 11240 - Listed in the Thread

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  1. Instead of keep making threads when i'm selling stuff ill just edit this thread.
    All things will be listed below with prices

    Silktouch I, Efficiency IV - 9500R

    Blazerod - 8R
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  2. Diamonds out of stock.

    And 1Silktouch back //i had 3
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  3. Consider making use of better, otherwise moderators might considerate closing this thread for spam (If you update each time you make changes on your shop with new posts that will be considered spam)
    Also, if you want to auction something (which in some way it's better than just selling items) you can do as much auction threads as items you have.
  4. It's not a shop, also i don't update every 1min. I update once a day, i don't think that will be considered as spam. Because i normally post on 2-3threads every few hour :p
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