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  1. This Is The Official Thread for Xandrow & Oleyy' Enchanted Items Shop

    We Are Selling Enchanted Items For What WE Think Is Fair
    For Thoose Overpowered Tools ...

    We Only Have Diamond Tools .

    Currently We Have Theese:

    Fortune III Efficiency III - 7,200,-

    Fortune III Efficiency IV - 8,000,- /OUT IN OUR SHOP Contact me private!

    Fortune III Efficiency IV Unbreaking III - 15,000,-

    SilkTouch 1 - 9,500,-

    SilkTouch 1 Efficiency IV - 10,500,-

    SilkTouch 1 Unbreaking III - 13,800,-

    If You are Interested In Picks With 3 Enchantment Then Pm Me Here Or /Tell Xandrow On SMP5

    Prices Are Listed In Our Shop

    We Both Are Looking Forward To Se You In Our Shop
    Thanks For Your Time Xandrow & Oleyy
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  2. Nice Picks
  3. Just a quick suggestion, put the prices here in the thread
  4. Thanks
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  5. I kinda want to do that but ehh, that takes the fun out of making shops.

    But i will talk to Oleyy about it, if he wants prices on the thread then i will put them in :)

    [Edit] Nvm, i did put the prices in here :)
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  6. The picks are sold out, Ill restock later. If you need one, and there is none in our shop goahead PM on here, or /tell Xandrow on SMP5
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  7. Any chance you can supply a high efficiency axe ? Not pickaxe !
  8. The only axe i have is this one: Unbreaking3 Fortune3. But we are looking forward to enchant more axes, spades and swords. :)
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  9. We restocked Again, ill change the thread when i have time. :)

    [Edit] New picks got prices now.
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  10. The Fortune3, unbreaking3 Axe is sold, if you want something from this thread and if its not in our shop then PM me, i have more .:)
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