smp5-103210-Looking for the best possible cobblestone generator!

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  1. ive set up a shop which specialises in wood and stone, im wondering who could sell me a cobblestone generator and what proces i would belooking at? smp5.
  2. Talk to ob1bob69, he has a good one at 10101
  3. Thanks mate, i will :)
  4. I have one at my res on utopia if interested the res is 5240
  5. Can that be easily transported to smp5?
  6. haha cheers ill have a check ;)
  7. did you like it?
  8. yh it definatly looks good, i think i need a automatic one though
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  10. Hello, I noticed you needed a cobblestone generator. I have a cobblestone generator up for sale but only invited players get to buy it. This model is big and industrious so you can have workers mine cobblestone with you. The cost of this cobblestone generator is 1250r. It's an offer so you can turn it down whenever you want.
  11. That's a real good one but you will need to add a few more relay delays to adjust for server lag. Don't ask me how I know. :D
  12. yeah i know
  13. Cheers guys, when i come on online tonight ill have a look :)