Smp5-10321-All wood stocked, cheapest prices!

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  1. Sell all logs and planks, cheapest prices guaranteed! Come get wood ;)
  2. Wat r ur prices fOr logs
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  3. if you sell 64 Logs under 25 rupees then I sell logs cheaper
  4. i sell 32 logs for 25 and 64 planks for 10 :)
  5. almost no one sell wood planks for that much i have been looking all over for that price
  6. youve contradicted yourself, what did you intend to say?
  7. sorry i meant that i have been looking a awhile for wood on smp5 ,it's rare for wood on the server
  8. a
    awhile a go i had a great supplier but then he left so i have no where else to buy cheap wood
  9. haha great come to 10321!