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  1. I run a woodshop and cafe, and lately have been having trouble keeping it stocked. So I am looking for 2-3 people who want to earn a consistent sum of rupees to become woodcutters. Because I don't want to give that many people build access, I'd appreciate it if you'd be able to grow the trees on your own res. I will freely supply all four types of saplings to you if needed (oak, pine, birch and jungle) and a iron axe to get you started.
    Currently, I buy 8 logs for 5r (40r/stack), but if you are a woodcutter, I will give you 6r for 8 logs (48r/stack). In addition, the top supplier of the week will receive a rupee bonus.

    If anyone is interested, comment below or message me.
  2. My friend and I can supply you as our residences are massive tree farms, but we want the iron axes nevertheless
  3. That'd be great! What's your friend's name?
    I'll get the shop set up for you tomorrow, and message you when it's done.
  4. My shop is small-is still, so I won't be taking massive quantities.
  5. Lol thats fine, his name is shun787
  6. Thanks both of you for taking this job. I am still looking for another good person to be a supplier as well. Contact me if you're interested.
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  8. i can do it just tell me if u still need ill get a res on the server your on
  9. Yes I do, thanks heaps for offering! :)
    I'm on smp 5. I'll send you some more details in a PM.