smp5 - 10025 - Looking to buy stacks of enderpearls

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  1. Hello everyone,

    I am interested in purchasing enderpearls in bulk. I will be buying a few stacks ideally at around 640r per stack, I will however negotiate on pricing. I have set up a chest at my residence (10025) at the aforementioned price, allowing you to sell to me when I am not online.

    As you may be coming from another server, I have included an extra 20r in the price to cover vault fees.

    Server: smp5
    Res #: 10025

    Sink through the top of the volcano, you will see 4 colors of wool as you fall. When you reach the bottom, follow the green wool around the corner and up the stairs. At the top of the stairs you will take a left into the main floor of the shop. Once inside, turn left and on the wall there is a double chest with four sell shops set up. Proceed to sell enderpearls to the shop.
  2. i have so much ender pearls and i live on smp5 so i will do tat now
  3. Excellent, thank you.

    I was not aware that only 16 stacked, so my chest was not set up correctly to collect as many as I wanted. So if anyone has more, the chest will now buy them from you. :)
  4. Update : If anyone would like to gather some ender pearls and sell them to me, I can provide the coordinates to an end portal that I found on smp7.
  5. Think I have loads at 4421 SMP2.
  6. I got enderpearls at 6016 at SMP3