SMP5 - 10008 - SLIMEBALL 60R EACH!

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  1. Now i'm selling slimeballs, 50R each

    SMP5 Res #10008
  2. oh btw, jump down for slimeballs =P
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  3. Is the price expensive since nobody bought some?
  4. No, the price is fine.
  5. I've seen lower, but since mobs aren't spawning you'll probably sell them regardless of the price.
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  6. I visited few shops today, they had above 70. Well, i guess ill lower them, nobody are buying :p
  7. 50R EACH nooow :D
  8. im coming to get them soon
  9. I tried to word that so it didn't look like I was trying to talk you down. I've been seeing 45-50 where I go but they are most likely out. If I needed one and I had to choose between an empty chest at 45r and a full one at 70r, it isn't hard to guess where I'd go.
  10. =P
    I think I have 20+ stacks in my chest ^_^
  11. Sweet Jegus Smite Me Down With The Hammer of Zillyhoo, that is a lot.
  12. Looting 3 sword ftw :D even tho i bought most of them :D
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  13. I still have 9stacks or so left :)
  14. There is still slimeballs left - 50R each :D