SMP4's First ever all in one build 8040

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  1. Hello and welcome in this chat I will be revealing new bits of my build if u have any questions just ask ! I am putting a info list here:
    Huge trading posts ! Coming soon!
    Casino (win big). Being built
    Lottery ! Blue prints are being made!
    Super sized bulk selling and buying! Built
    Shop / mini mall Half built
    Auction centre Built
    Events : spleef. Coming soon!
    Also u can be a supplier the more u supply the more u get paid!
    Our motto : "can't have to much!"
    Check out our latest auctions:
    Good luck!

    Edit: any kind donations would do nicely !
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  2. This is what it looks like on a map!

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  3. Unfortunately the spleef floor won't be there when it is opened and shall I do a drop party ? If so what items?
  4. I already builded the slotmachine, only need to know what prizes you want.
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  5. I got 7 DC of glass in stock :)
  6. Price check : a stack of glass?