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  1. Hey guys this is Skilled_Creeper again! and I am just saying if you are excited for yet another EM server please comment below and tell JustinGuy thank you for all the hard work he has done for all 5 servers he has made!

    I am so happy and glad that JustinGuy made Empire Minecraft! When I first joined I was like this isn't going to work out... then I learned more about the server and I became friends with so many people and am seeing how much the community is growing and it is just so wonderful!

    Have a Merry Christmas Empire Minecraft Community!

    *lol at cow on tree*
  2. Also, for those Jews among us, happy Hanukkah! And thank you to Justin. These are amazing servers, and this is an amazing community
  3. I climbed up that tree with the block-glitch lol. On SMP3 town spawn. And I notice there are animal spawn in town too. I was standing on top of that golden star while a mooshroom cow fall out of the sky with pig and chickens and cows and dog. :D:eek::confused:
  4. justin is going to have a baby girl
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