smp4 wild community?

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  1. So I am thinking of making a wild community in smp4. Similar to LLO but I don't want the whole server to turn into the wild community, and the town be barren. That being said I Don't want to take smp7's title of being the wild community. I pretty much want this to be a place where people are free to build with a community to help them rebuild if there is a griefing. As well as a community to mine with. I know myself, I get very bored after mining awhile by myself. I'm thinking of putting this near a spawner, a new one or one I have myself. But I'm deciding against it because of the high risk of it being griefed. Please leave a comment or two, if you think this is a good idea, if you would join. It would be a free place to build, so you wouldn't have to message me that you're building there. But if you do build there, place a sign in front of your house or building, saying who you are. :) That shall be all.
  2. Also, if anyone has a nice name for this community, please feel free to tell me what you think it should be. :)
    Also, any preferences of where it should be. AKA how far/direction I've been scouring the map. North seems out of the question. North and south outposts are out of the question. Don't want to burden people with boats. There is some good places east outpost but would have to walk a bit, on the path of course. To the west we would have to create our own path.
  3. can i join even tho i normally play on smp1?
  4. Sure, more the merrier. So I'm thinking out east outpost, someways up north following the path.
  5. Before getting to your latest post, I was just thinking building west would be fun. Because then we could build our own road, too. But anyway, wherever you decide to build it, I'd like to join too. I've got a grinder in the north and have been digging up a desert to the north too. So might be nice to wander out and see what we have in another direction.

    And we could call ourselves FLO (First Light Outpost).... no i'm kidding... but, if building to the east, then something relating to the sun rising could make sense.
  6. Would you guys mind building in a snow biome?
  7. snow biome would be fine with me
  8. K. I sorta started a path out east, then just north up the path. For now, if you go bring food. As I haven't set up a farm yet. I have a mine going down to diamond level currently. Also started making a few paths.
  9. smp9 needs one
  10. id like to build a little hut out here if this gets up and going, keep me informed :)
  11. or help start one on smp9, my main server
  12. I'm doing it on smp4, mainly because I'm getting tired of all the little kids, with bad grammar and arguing 24/7. So I'm taking a break from town. I will probably go back once 1.3 comes out though.
  13. i'll join not snowy annoyes me :/
  14. cool well keep me posted
  15. Once I get the basis of the community set up, I'll give out the coords.
  16. Guys, make sure it's really far out. Almost nobody of you is a supporter with the ability to do /map hide, so I recommend to take your time to get a good spot far away. This will not prevent griefers, but it will definitely make it tougher for them to go and grief your place.

    Besides that I recommend to all non-supporters to contact ImParanoid himself, to not let know that you're with this community. The less traces you have on the live map, the better.

    At last I must say you're going to miss out on some awesome stuff that I planned, but I can not release anything about it. I can only wish you guys the best of luck.
  17. Its far enough out that you need at least enough food to refill your bar before you get there. But I don't want it to be that far out. Being a pain to move back and forth from it. But I do want to say this. Please don't build your full house/hut/building out of wood. Cobble/stone/stone bricks/bricks will be good. Less of a chance to get burned. :)
  18. i think people should need to PM ImParanoid before anyone joins and sorry to say ImParanoid your a griefers radar!
  19. as a member of the smp4 community- I would be honored to help with this. I am not currently looking to move into the wild right now though. DON'T build a road. I don't know if you know where you want it yet; but they don't have a road to LLO because they don't want every person skipping merrily through the forest to follow the road to your wild community. I have not personally been to the LLO, but I read about it quite a bit- and am really impressed with how much it is growing. After I get my shop finalized, I may be more freed up to help.

    Edit: Hope this makes sense- No transitions at all through topic= Getting confused easily when I reread it. LOL