SMP4 /v 9372 Mega mall +Giveaway!

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Is my shop awesome

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I LOVE THIS SHOP!!!!! YEAAHH!!! 3 vote(s) 50.0%
  1. /v 9372 is now officially open!
    SMP4 didnt had alot of shops, so if something was out of stock, no where else to buy things
    So I introduce my new mega mall.

    You could better say, what dont I say :p
    I dont sell crafted products (like slabs stairs etc.) except for some that are very common, like planks, stone bricks, etc. for better stocking
    I currently dont sell redstone products beside just redstone, because redstone is hard to keep in stock,
    Currently also not selling potions, but I am working on that
    Probably some odd things I missed, contact me if you need thos
    So I DO sell:
    -promos (not all, if you need another one than in the shop contact me)
    -alot of things

    The prized in my shop are high compared to other shops on SMP4
    BUT... the sell prices are also higher ^.^ than other shops on SMP4
    this is so I will (most of the time) have good stock, and SMP4 always has a place to go :D

    To celebrate my new shop opening:
    Win 25K (I know it isnt that much, but better than nothing) by asking questions!
    -So a AMA-
    I am NOT using, but I am giving the player asking the best question the prize, so you have to think about what you are going to ask >:D ending 20 january

    My shop also has parkour :D win 10K by reaching the end...
    Warning you will probably rage
    Winning is one time

    Want something in bulk? just contact me and Ill get it for you for cheaper prices :D
    2015-01-07_11.39.23.png 2015-01-07_11.39.30.png 2015-01-07_11.39.36.png 2015-01-07_11.39.43.png
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  2. Sweet!

    Can I ask you a question?

    Edit: first!
  3. You already did o.0
    Edit: took me 2 minutes to figure out that was your question :p
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  4. nice mall :D
    now my question
    if you had a purple chicken
    would you eat it or show it to the world? :p
  5. Hmm... I think I would show it to the world because I am not hungry right now :p
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  6. now that's a good answer :p
  7. This will be a easy win :3
  8. Bump, 25K not enough to get for asking a good question?
  9. Question: You live in Holland, what weather was it on the 24-2 of 2008?
    And if you Antwerpen that what on what time, did it rained today.

    ( You openend your Mall when mine is almost ready DURP )
  10. I think it wasnt that good wheater since in winter :p
  11. Ohh, very good!
  12. So I have to ask how do you meet your supply and demand???
  13. Well, there are a couple of things to tell about that one:
    At first, I am not trying to be the cheapest shop, I keep my prices high on purpose, to keep people from buying in bulk when they dont really need it.
    Second, I tried to get the price for selling stuff to me also higher, with that I hope people will rather sell stuff to me than toother shops and help me stocking
    And third and last, Most of the blocks I get from wild, or from auctions so I have a supply for that if I need it. I am currently also working on some big farms that will also help me keep farmable stuff in stock. (including gold iron slimeballs mob drops wood natural) and I am working with villagers now, so I can buy some of the gems and other stuff with emeralds.
    But, however, I find with all this it is still hard to supply some of the things, most decoration blocks and stones, somethimes minerals too, because these things are things people usually need either not, or alot of them. If I look at my rupee history, I have parts like three pages long of someone buying the same thing over and over, and after that it is probably out of stock.

    Btw, so far I have the idea I kept quiet good stock, but it is harder than I hoped.
  14. what is your greates achievement and block ever in the game can be on here or in single player
  15. The minecraft achivements: beaconator of course, but a achievement for myself is still killing an enderdragon, didnt do very much great so far.
    Favorite block probably is quartz, because it goes whit alot of other blocks, and is worth alot on emc, another thing is you get lots of xp from mining it.
    Only downside is that it takes a while to get lots, even with fortune III.
  16. Or let Johnsface101 and SEPTHEKID in your shop, (wanted to include photos but it are 30 pages in my rupee history so that would be to much photos :p), they stock almost everything for you :p kinda spams your chat tho
  17. appel 2.JPG appel 3.JPG appel 4.JPG appel 5.JPG appel 6.JPG appel 7.JPG appel 8.JPG appel 9.JPG appel 10.JPG appel 11.JPG appel 12.JPG appel 13.JPG appel 14.JPG appel 15.JPG appel 16.JPG appel 17.JPG appel 18.JPG appel 19.JPG appel 20.JPG appel.JPG first 20 photos before I got tired of this lol
  18. Would you rather have controllable vision that sees things with two times the details and distance, or be able to focus your hearing onto any sound within the block?
  19. any dound within one block is a bit less, if it would be 8 blocks I would have chosen it, but now the details and distance.
  20. BUMP :D
    4 days left untill I draw the winner