SMP4 Shops/residences

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  1. Hey everyone that has an awesome shop or cool residence on Smp4- only. Can get advertised for free on my residence. I want this to be a feature with the upcoming release of my shop in a couple weeks. (Undecided When) I want people visiting Smp4 to find shops not necessarily online right then.

    For Each Residence that messages me- I will set a teleporter to their residence + 1 sign worth of advertisement. I will also be mentioning this in game. Questions and Comments can be posted on this Thread. If you would like to get your resident advertised for free- Private Message me and I will get you fixed up.

    Format for message to me
    Residence #-Category EX: 8144-Shop

    This is the Come to 8144
    Content For a Great
    on the signs &4Shop
    Include Color

    Note: I reserve the right to reject or cancel any proposed advertisements with out an explainable reason. I won't change the words that you send me. If you wish to end your ad on my residence, send me a private message and I will make the change ASAP
  2. Sorry, forgot to mention- no more than 15 characters on a line (4 lines)