SMP4 publising house is now open! (Book Store)

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What do you think of the shop?

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  1. On SMP4 I have officially opened up my publishing house. At the moment we only sell a limited amount of books but if you are interested in selling your written books at the publishing house, you can! In order to have your books being sold I will need at least 1 copy sent to me via mail. If I like your book I will make you a publishing partner telling you via mail and I will need 10 copies asap. At the end of the week I will send you a letter telling you how many more copies I need to restock, I sell a max of 10 copies per week. The writer will get 50% of the value of the book when sold rounded up. If you want to buy a book follow the instructions in my signature. The hopper should be located at the front of the house and the books are inside a chest with a preview sign. To get to the publishing house just type /v Shadow_dcord.
  2. nice idea
  3. Thanks
  4. cool, might submit mine when I am done. ;)
  5. That would be great. You're the one writing the Christmas story correct?
  6. The price of books is being reduced to 25r and we are currently seeking publishing partners.
  7. The SMP4 book store wishes you all a white Christmas!