smp4 project supply chests.

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  1. So, with R0bbie announcing the smp4 project. Tomato, Robbie, and I will be setting up supply chests. So if one of us gets drained of money, we still have two more people. I don't know if they have their chests set up, but I do for the most part, at 8465 on smp4. I shall be editing this post with what we need and who has chests set up for the.
    I currently have chests for:
    Glass- 50r - 64
    Iron ingot- 16 - 80r : 1 - 5r
    Iron blocks- 16 - 720r : 1 - 45r
    Snow blocks- 64 - 40r
    Glowstone- 64 - 960r : 8 - 120r
    Sandstone- 64 - 57r