SMP4 Need Anything?

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  1. Is there anything we need on SMP4 in the wild?

    I know other servers have some nice public utilities (5,6,8) but in general is seems like us locals to 4 are pretty self sufficient. If there is something you think you'd use, let me know.

    Giant Chicken XP farm
    Gold Farm
    Iron Farm
    XP Spawners
    Massive Wool Farms
    Produce Farms
    Tree Farms
    Ink Farms
    Guardian Farms
    Snow Farms
    Cobble Gens
  2. I think wool farms and cobble generators would be nice. :)
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  3. I just finished:
    /v 8414 wool
    For public wool farm in town. White wool, with the fastest wool regrowth possible (3 layers of grass source blocks).
    I'll work on something larger in the frontier later :)
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  4. Cobble Stone Generator added to the Zombie XP Farm, Next to Snow Gen.

    It doesn't run as well as designed because of the EMC hopper changes, but it does work and you're zombies are piling up for you while you get cobble :)

    /frontier W
    turn around, go east until you see the arches (right at protected zone)

    zombie fall.

    Snow Gen
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  5. Well.. that was quick, griefed in less than 12 hours... *sigh*
  6. Damn, that sucks :c
    If you want I could come out there and help you rebuild?

    Edit: Really nice of you to do something like this for the community by the way! c:
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  7. Thanks. Reported and cleaned up. I'll look for a better design for the cobble gen, this one was a bit too advanced for the spot and buggy on EMC. If you have a design for a simple one with good output let me know.
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  8. bump, let me know if ya'll think we need something. I just cleaned up the zombie xp farm today, hopefully using obsidian should reduce the grief.

    Snow farm:
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  9. Looks awesome I'll come
    Did you ever catch the griefer
  10. We always catch the griefers :) The new obsid seems to be working well.