smp4 megamalls

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  1. SMP4 has 0 and i mean 0 CHEAP megamalls and we want more so we can buy stuff

    even if we had a small cheap shop we would be gratefull

    Plz build some more plz
  2. I am building a mega mall 9500 and it will be cheap as possible!!!! Come to XD 9500 Mega Mall!
  3. Not really sure if I'm correctly understanding this: you're making a simple forum thread for people to pop out of no where and build a random mall?

    That's what I understood, am I right? :p
  4. He did do that but my mall was planned and thought about and nearly done! ;)
  5. My shop at 8703 has been in operation for over a year. It doesn't have everything, but it has a lot of items. I'm working on getting it more organized again. I try very hard not to showcase items that I don't have good stock on.

    If you want to sell I can set up buy chests and I have access to just about every item in the game if you are looking for hard to find stuff in small quantities.

    Price has always been an issue, cuz if I don't keep them high enough, a server surfer will buy all my stock and sell it at auction or on another smp. Then I am sold out of the items people want.

    Selling stuff cheaply is the same as always being out of stock for any of my regular customers. I am willing to barter or trade and offer bonus items when I am online. I also go out of my way to try and help new people get started on smp4 so that our economy will have steady traffic.

    Please tell me what more I can do? I am open to suggestions. Send me a message of what you want and how much you want to pay.

    Finally, I am not above surfing the other servers for deals and hard to find items. For only 10r I can vault any items I want back to smp4.
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  6. I'll be totally honest here.

    Pascal1881 and I have had a long break from playing minecraft.Now we're back, we decided to give 9000Mall a full renovation.
    That means that we tore down the entire mall, to be replaced by a new design, new prices and with all the new items/blocks aswell. This is an extremely timeconsuming process.

    In only two days I have torn down the entire old mall. The residence was empty that time.
    Also I have been building the main lines/floors of the structure for 3 days now. This part is almost done.
    After the main structure is done, we'll be designing each floor and set up chests and shopsigns.

    The last step is the most time-consuming one, and unfortunately my computer broke down!
    It should be repaired by next sunday, but unfortunately that means more delay.
    I'm incredibly sorry for this, but there's nothing I can do about it, please bear with us.

    As soon as I'm back, we'll get back at building the mall again. We'll be serving better service than ever before.

    9000Mall will be back in business soon.
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  7. Also, on smp4 we do have a few shops (some call themselves a mall)
    -8402, owned by stormboy
    -9500, owned by xothis_dwarf
    -####, owned by Deathrrame (under construction I believe)
    -8800, owned by _Stads_ (closed I believe)
    -8122, owned by cadgamer101

    And probably some others I forgot to mention. Hope it helps.
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  8. ok tnks guys
  9. Thanks Bloodra1n and I'm currently on holiday and back on Friday I should finish the mall in a week or two