smp4 has something wrong... :(

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  1. when I log into my server (smp4) I get a message saying internal server error

  2. Anyone know what I should do? please help :(
  3. Couple of minutes ago was Server wide reset so that prolly was the cause if not did you try exiting out of MC and starting it up again.
  4. just tried it, still getting the message
  5. lol prolly :p
  6. I'll try logging in and if I can't then I'll look into it more... Perhaps it's just your client...
  7. It`s doing the same with me. :(
  8. I just tried logging in, the exact message you described came up... Aikar!!!! FIX THIS PLZ!!!! ;)
  9. Uh just wanted to point out, on the list of servers on the Home page it says SMP4 is preparing to reboot... In-game nobody has received any messages... Yes I am in the game, I was trying to log in with my alt ;)
  10. Lol. When aikar screws up the economy we all hate him for it. When somethings wrong with minecraft we beg for his help.
  11. Of course ;)
  12. Okay I've told Aikar about it in-game and
  13. Server just closed, perhaps a reboot fixing the problem :D
  14. Okay guys the server is back up and functioning as per normal ;) Thanks again Aikar! :D
  15. Thank you Aikar.... And Stads for letting us know.
    I`ll go give it a try now.
  16. was really weird issue... The server pretty much thought it was shutdown from the update (I noticed it bugged and restarted update process is why you saw 2 broadcasts for 1 min)

    but it somehow didnt stop at all but detached itself from the session.... it made it difficult to get to normal state.

    that internal error happens any time a server is running and the server software is updated during the time, which isnt suppose to happen since we shutdown first...
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  17. That is one messed server.
  18. Working good now..:)