smp4 floating strange trees in town street

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  1. hello i just joined to smp4 and when i claimed my new residence (8216) i noticed that there's a strange and big floating tree cut in half just above the street in town. since players can't modify those blocks , i thought about reporting it here :)
    thanks for reading and answering this question :D!
  2. Welcome to EMC. I have asked the senior staff to care of this as soon as they have an opportunity. :)
  3. Thanks! :D
    it's great having an active community !
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  4. Welcome! :D
    I tend to pop around servers, Maybe we'll meet soon :)
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  5. it would be my pleasure :)
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  6. SMP4 FTW :D
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  7. Of all servers you could pick, you picked the best one of all. I'm proud to have this wise emperian at our side. SMP4 stands strong!
  8. Hail SMP4!
  9. Well, this sure turned in to a "Hello, I'm new" thread. :p
    Anyways, welcome. :)
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