Smp4 Fire & Ice Shop Progress!

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  1. A shop where 100% of the items will be in stock 90%-95% of the time and will be officially opening on June 8 2013 at 12:00 noon ET. It is a great, convenient shop that is more economical than going to a huge powering mega mall. We have been stocking for several months with stacks of rare ores and double chests of building blocks, the main building is still undergoing construction, but the front area and foyer are complete and we are accepting donations to help fund this shop that will last a very long time. Your donations mean a lot. Pictures below!!! :cool: --Frosty_Penguin 2013-01-26_12.48.18.png 2013-01-26_12.48.48.png 2013-01-26_12.49.09.png
  2. Very nice! I cant wait to come see it
  3. Very nice! I wish you luck in your business endeavors! =D
  4. Thanks guys, hopefully it does as well as 9139 nfell!!