SMP4 Financial Center

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  1. Currently under construction is the new SMP4 Financial Center. The center will consist of 3 buildings, the first of which is the one being built right at the moment. This post will be updated with pictures of the phases in construction, as well as the completed product.

    When finished, this is what the layout of each building will be, roughly:
    Building 1: 8286 - Offices and Stores, plus an observation deck and a restaurant.
    Building 2: 8360 - Offices and Stores
    Building 3: 8361 - Offices and Apartments

    Once each building is finished, I will begin leasing out space in the building to people who want space. Prices will be on a monthly basis. However, I will not figure out the prices until I am ready to give out the space, so

    I am in need of materials for construction, so visit this thread to see what I need:

    To start off with the pictures, here is a couple from today (these pictures are of building 1, above):

  2. Yes finally we have something to make SMP4 special!
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  3. Always love to see new SMP4 builds. :)
  4. This will be nice for SMP4
  5. I'm uploading the link to the imgur gallery of construction here:

    Also, please come to my res and donate. I need glowstone mostly.