SMP4 Executive Dirt Placer

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  1. Looking to hire an executive dirt placer on SMP4, the job pays 30,000 rupees, though that payment is halved if the job takes longer than a month. If you're interested, start a conversation with me here.
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  2. This fell off the front page really fast.
  3. Your vagueness in this topic scares me. How much dirt???
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  4. Details will be disclosed in the conversation... can't scare away everyone. :P

    If you want a number, though, it's probably near 60,000.
  5. Do we get to keep the dirt?
  6. I think you're referring to the Dirt Remover position.
  7. I am in...
    EDIT: Oops, wrong account
    EDIT 2: PenguinDJ will take the job... sent a PM
  8. ill do for sure im a great placer