SMP4 Enchantment Shop

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  1. I have shop with lots of enchanted items at SMP4 lot 8901

    Diamond armor:
    -Helmet Fire Protection IV, Respiration III
    -Helmet Protection III, Respiration III
    -Helmet Blast Protection IV, Respiration III, Aqua Affinity I
    -Helmet Projectile Protection IV
    -Helmet Aqua Affinity I
    -Chestplate Protection II
    -Chestplate Protection III
    -Chestplate Fire Protection IV
    -Leggins Protection II
    -Leggins Fire Protection IV
    -Boots Protection I

    *I have more diamond armor types that I do not sell before wilderness reset

    Diamond pickaxe:
    -Unbreaking III
    -Fortune III, Efficiency IV
    -Efficiency IV
    -Unbreaking III, Efficiency IV
    -Fortune III, Unbreaking III
    -Fortune II, Unbreaking III, Efficiency III
    -Fortune III, Unbreaking III, Efficiency IV
    -Unbreaking III, Efficiency III

    Diamond swords:
    *I'm not selling the high enchantments before wilderness reset, these swords are enchanted on a low level (10-30)
    -Sharpness III
    -Knockback II
    -Knockback I
    -Smite II
    -Bane of andropods I
    -Sharpness I

    Iron swords:
    to many to list, almost all of them have 2 enchantments or more.

    -Power I
    -Power II
    -Power III
    -Power V
    -Flame I
    -Punch II

    Iron armor:
    -Chestplate Projectile Protection IV
    -Leggins Protection II
    -Helmet Projectile Protection IV

    I have more items I'm not selling before wilderness reset this is the list for now, enjoy what you buy :)
  2. AMAZING shop also do u have any diamond boots and ur diamond sword sharpness III is out :(
  3. I'll restock the shop everyday or two.