Smp4 Drop Party 5/5/14 at 8702

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  1. Hello Everyone!!!

    I am hosting a Drop Party on residence /v 8702! At 3:25 Pm Eastern Time for the first drop party. Second drop party at 5:50 Pm Eastern Time. 3rd Drop party at 9:00 Pm Eastern Time. The Drop Party is on Smp4(/server smp4)(/v 8702)

    I Will most likely be on time, if not i will update new thread on when new Dp's are available!
    DONATIONS of gems, potions, and rupees will help me out in my next drop party! Remember the times, it will vary accordingly to your time zones. If you do not know your time zone then (Google it). At 8702 !! Invite everyone. If you are not good at getting things from drop parties, i will be glad to give you 10 rups and dirts at the end :) Please tell everyone about the Drop party and to read my thread. NOTE: (NO CLIMBING ON LADDER OR SPAMMING TEXT)Smp4
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  2. I'll be there :)
  3. Ill be there for the second and third, i am still in school during the first :(