smp4 down?

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  1. I've noticed this once before in the last week. I will lose the connection to smp4 and when I attempt to reconnect to it, it gives me an end of stream error. Furthermore, when I try to connect to one of the other servers, I get: "Sorry, you can only be connected to one Empire Minecraft server at a time." The server appears to have crashed.
  2. same here. noticed this lastnight and right now.
  3. Just having the same problem now too, me and my about-to-be wife cant connect either, same error messages from the OP
  4. I'm glad I am not the only one..
  5. it would not be so bad if we could just connect to another server.....
  6. well there are other servers out there...
  7. When stuck 'logged in' to a down EMC server, one cannot connect to a different server.
    Unless you mean like, 'out there' outside of EMC. The wilderness, so to speak. :eek: Scary.
  8. I remember readin somewhere on this site that most server issues are handled within ten minutes. it's been double that and single player isnt all that fun anyways. and yeah the other servers statement i beleive was leading to servers outside of EMC. which seems to be the only option until SMP4 is up again.....
  9. well in light of that response, I have a white-list server myself. It is only temporary until I get a public setup going.
  10. Yeah I can't get on at the moment it just says connection lost end of stream
  11. yeah they seriously need to fix this. being locked out of all the server when one of them decides to lock up is ridiculous.
    There needs to be a button on the site somewhere to press when you get locked down like this to clear you to play on the other servers.
  12. it would just be better if the server didn't go down ;)
  13. true that. I suppose that means I need to go fire up my old DELL poweredge R710's build a couple VM's and start hosting my own =)
  14. I see we are not the only ones locked out of EMC... dang
  15. Well, there are some pretty good one's out there. Check out sites like and
    Violentmouse: I could probably rent out a vps to you cheap. Let me know if you are interested and what your budget would be.
  16. running again..
  17. Yes!!! It's working again thank you
  18. When the server crashes or restarts, it doesnt get a chance to disconnect players, and so when you try to log on to a different server, it still recognised you as being logged onto the crashed server. Unfortunately there is not much whish can be done about this, and the server it back up within 10 minutes 99% of the time. Sorry for any inconveniences it may cause.
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