SMP4 crashed

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by 1998golfer, Aug 12, 2012.

  1. SMP4 crashed and i cant get on a diff. SMP it says im still logged into SMP4

    EDIT: My alt is stuck on SMP4 :p my golfer account is tempbanned.
  2. Moderator: please kick my alt from SMP4 cuz' im stuck (gearmaster08)
  3. I have the same problem ,
  4. Ya! I was at ur res when it crashed :p
  5. My res is the problem , :>
  6. I doubt it :p
  7. It says End of stream, better get up fast els I get board,,,
  8. T&C's: If you have been previously banned from all or part of EMC, you will not attempt to create another account without the written permission of Kalland Labs.

    I personally read this as don't evade bans. Using an alt when you're tempbanned = bad idea IMO. I don't know if it's an official rule, but it just seems a bit... dodgy...
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  9. Loads of people have been banned for using ALTS once banned copherfield did it. JUST TO COMPLAIN XD
  10. Wow. On other "smpX has crashed" threads nobody was this hostile. No reason you have to on this thread.
  11. what are 'ALTS' i cant login too... -.-
  12. Alternive account like me having mine and nfell3000
  13. mm okay thx, but any ideas wy i cant login?
  14. Quite a few EMC servers seem to be offline right now due to bugs. If you were logged in to one of these servers when they crashed then you'll be unable to connect to any EMC server until that server reboots.

    Currently, the offline servers are SMP1, 4 and possibly 9.
  15. alright thx for the info, hope they will solve it soon :D
  16. hey i cant log in tell the admins
  17. hey im lightyagimi i also got tempbanned
    and this is my alt i cant log into smp4
  18. SMP4's currently offline so you wont be able to connect. Also, using alts to get around bans makes me :(.
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  19. cuz smp4 is down
  20. Id agree for perma bans, but not temp bans.