smp4 - 9167 - ONLY potion shop in smp4!!!

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  1. here i sell various potions including all forms (exept splash) of:
    swiftness potions
    health potions
    strength potions
    fire resistence potions

    and all SPLASH forms of
    poison potions
    instant harm potions

    restocking will only be posted if i have done so in bulk and all new products will be announced here.

    EDIT: we are now not the only potion shop in smp4, however, we still have by far the widest array of potions!!
  2. just added slowness splash potions on shop,

    i will probably remodel it soon so i will close for a day or so during the process

    feel free to post complaints and feedback or talk to me directly!
  3. Cool awesome i cant wait to check it out
  4. i am proud to announce that shinobi711's potion shop now sell ALL varieties of Potions!!!
  5. Ok man, bought lots of poispn ones, you are out of stock now, when can you restock?
  6. don't potions have the opposite effect on mobs? So a healing potion would hurt it and a harmful potion heal it?
  7. Really I think that might be correct, I couldn't harm the mobs yesterday :/
  8. potions to mobs effects are as follows:
    (the term 'Poison' refers only to poison potions, so if a mob is unaffected by poison they might still present normal effects with other negative effect potions)

    zombies, zombie pigmen and skeletons: unnaffected by poison & regeneration, harm and health potions have oposite effect

    spiders (both kinds): unnaffected by poison

    rest: normal effects (i even set a cow on fire after using a splash fire resistance potion on it. its still alive and i named him Rob =P.
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  9. Do you sell splash health potions?
  10. no srry, you can special order some if u want

    or just come by my shop when im around with some gunpowder and ill be happy to let you use one of my brewing stations!
  11. (im sorry my response is a little late, i only saw ur message now :p)

    all of my potions (exept regeneration) are almost always in stock

  12. My Potion shop is no longer Potion Exclusive!!
    i also sell pine logs and some wool

    BUT FEAR NOT potions are still my biggest buisness

    and as of now all my:
    and splash poison are fully stocked! this means i have a full small chest of them!