SMP4-9138 Aparments for rent

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  1. Built under a secluded farm (itself built around an abandoned missile silo) for maximum efficiency and privacy, these 6x10 (standard) apartments feature wood and cobble construction and are torch lit. All apartments are unfurnished save for a large chest included in every apartment. No build perms will be issued to keep your stuff (and mine) safe from other tenants. You can message on these forums how you want to modify your apartment and leave supplies in your chest and i will accommodate you when I'm online.

    These apartments are perfect for;
    short term storage,
    long term living(you may want a custom size),
    resetting your res and keeping your stuff too,
    having a place to stay on smp4 without claiming a res,
    build something epic on your res but want a separate living space,
    and more!

    Standard apartments:
    (6 x 10) are 2r a day (irl) collected weekly on Mondays. I will also do short term daily rent at the same 2r a day rent rate.

    Upscale apartments:
    (10x9x2) features the same cobble and wood construction and torch with glowstone lighting, but with the added space of a second floor.

    For Custom apartments see below.

    Custom sizes/floor plans are available for discussion for an increased rent rate.
    Supplying building materials will act towards securing a lower rent though.
    Message me on forums. Rent is added at 1r per 30 square blocks.

    Notice: only eight (8) standard and one (1) Upscale are built as of this post (and it could take time to build more depending on my supplies), expect on going construction as new tenants order more apartments.

    Feel free to stop by and preview them/ ask any questions you have.
    See apartment 101 for example of standard size and 201 for upscale size.
    I look forward to seeing you.

    Address: SMP4-9138