[SMP4][9000] Holiday Shoutout!

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  1. Hello everyone,

    I'm doing a shoutout before I leave. Don't worry, this is not a leave thread, I stay at EMC.
    Me and pascal1881 will be on vacation for what will take 3 weeks. From what I've learned, 3 weeks can change a lot, so I want everyone to know.

    I and others already planned a lot of stuff for smp4, and I'll give you a small sneak peak.
    - The residence #9131, owned by Jackbiggin, will become a residence which the community can use.
    - The residence #8999, owned by Bobthetomato9897, will become an amazing building which the entire community could be amazed of.
    - Some additional projects, including some on 9000. It's going to be more fun!

    So what are the changes, can I still come to 9000?
    Yes. 9000 will still be open for buying and selling. I adjusted some prices, and some were made a little higher, some a little lower. Important for you is that 9000 will be in stock. Even tho we're not there for some time, we'll try our best as we can for you guys.

    I'm doing a shoutout to you guys, please sell a lot of these things:
    - Logs (per stack; B 88 :S 80)
    - Cobble (per stack; B 16 :S 12)
    - Stone (per stack; B 40 :S 36)
    - Stone Brick (per stack; B 44 :S 40)
    - Sand (per stack; 36 :S 32)
    - Sandstone (per stack; B 60 :S 56)
    - Wool (per stack; B 64 :S 56)

    We even set up the possibility to buy in huge amounts. You can now Sell & Buy per 3 or per 9 stacks in the Supplier's Area!

    I hope to see all you guys very soon~
  2. Hey, I've been to your shop. In fact Stads recommended it to me and was where I made my first ever purchase. Hope you have a fun and safe holiday
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  3. Let's just say it's amazing-ness is over 9000 :) The design bloodra1n has done for it really is amazing!
  4. SMP4 has EVERYTHING.....
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  5. SMP6 will by the time I'm done with it. Now to invade more servers... :p
  6. Let's do it!
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  7. Ok guys here is the deal, I need to dig out my NEW plot (8999). Now underneath my plot I am planning on building a huge community project that everyone can come and use for free! I am not going to say just yet. If you would like to come and help for free that would be amazing and I will build a wall of people who helped me. If you would like to donate rupees to help make shovels that is amazing as well! The bonus of helping me dig out my plot is that you will be able to find out before everyone else what I am going to build. If you would like to help me community please reply to this post or PM me.

    -Thanks Bob

    P.S. Bloodra1n said I could post this ;)
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  8. Next door community project buddies! :D
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  9. Awww yeah!
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  10. I'm receiving a lot of questions through PM's. That's good, but before you ask, please read this guys!
    This thread should answer most of the questions!

  11. I had not seen this thread yet- As a loyal residence of smp4- I support this Thread :D