SMP4 - 8956 - Cheap, Big and big stocks! One of the most popular in SMP4!

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  1. Orion's Market is a high quality shop. Its getting restocked everyday and to keep the prices low, people have to actually buy the items.

    The shop is currently on 2 floors, 1st floor and a basement. It will get expander sooner or later, maybe even rebuilt! :)

    I'm also looking for sponsors. What is a sponsor?
    A sponsor, helps the shop with goods or some rupees and then i will advertise somehow for your business/shop by a sign/portal or whatever you like, but it depends on how much you sponsor to me.

    Currently i also sell animals!

    In stock:
    Chicken (few)
    Mushroom Cow

    You can support me by liking this thread or post a positive feedback and a negative feedback that would help me on the road to be even more successfull! :)
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  2. how can u sell animals and how do get them back to your place?
  3. Well, when you buy an animal from me, i will hand you 1 wheat. Then you use the live map (dynmap) and try to use that and walk with your animal home :)
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  4. ahh thankx
  5. Good show, advertise your shop and when I try to visit it, it says that I don't have any movement permission.
  6. Thats becuase im currently restocking the whole store :)

    its getting opened in some mins now!

    Im sorry for not telling it here though!
  7. UPDATE: The shop gets restocked each day!
  8. Guys, his shop is awesome !
    Visit it !
    Orion blaze rod NOW !
  9. I think your shop is very good but certain things like the eggs, soul sand and bones are kinda pricy. I think the blaze rods and slimeballs could be cheaper and i love the prices on pistons.
  10. Alright Makrom1. Your opinion is heard, and they will be taken to consideration :)
  11. UPDATE: The whole shop is moved underground, expect the lava bucket and bucket shop is still on ground level. The rest of the shops is now in the basement! Its because im currently building a new shop on the ground level :)

    The shop is still getting maintance every day, restocked everyday.
  12. UPDATE: Added enchantment table room!
  13. Orion, I could sell you some cheap bookcases for your enchantment room if your are in need. Also, getting to level 50 on bowmen and zombies really stocks you up on bones, and I have half a chest of them. Along with some bookcases, maybe I could stock you up on bones, too?
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  14. Sure, i will PM you on the forum or contact you IG for further info :D