Smp4-8788-Selling Obsidian 7r each! Lots of fun things to see!

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  1. I sell blocks downstairs as well as things like mushrooms, if you do not like a price catch me on the weekend! I also sell different types of sapli gs and wood with my neighbor awang13, he also sells in my 'Grand Bazaar' downstairs. Upstairs you can rent a space for 10r indefinetly! If you turn right once you visit 8788 then you will find a parkour course with a reward at the end. Inside you can find cool things such as the Hot Tub, the Aquarium(When I put the squid in) and the Suana, if you go in the house and turn left, you will find the wool shop. Outside in the backyard, if you turn left after the square thing, you will find a Fishing Pier and you can buy, or bring your own fishing rod and fish! Every weekend I will host a game of Crack The Code! I hope you come, then come again and tell your friends, but most of all, enjoy yourself :)