Smp4 - 8538 -New shop just rebuilt and open!!

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  1. Hi have made a new shop and I want to make it known! :)

    I have Iron for 7r each,Gold for 11r each,Diamond for 50r each,Powered Rails for 2r each,Glass for 3r each, Melon Blocks for 2r each, Cake for 20r each, Sheep Egg for 105r, Golden Apple for 25r Each, Bonemeal for 5r for 25 Bonemeal, Bow 5r each, NetherRack for 2r each, Pine Log 5r for 5 Pine Log, Trap Door for 1r each, NetherBrick 2r Each, nether Fence 2r Each, Obsidian 5r Each, Cow Egg 105r each, Cobblestone for 12r a stack, Mooshroom Egg 100r Each, Blaze Rod 60r Each, Bookshelf 15r each.

    There is alot more to come, I also made a massive skeleton out of wool, A massive greenhouse, Parkour tower and an animal enclosure. I hope to see you there and Remember to donate! :)
    Have Fun!
  2. umm... Really? This isn't the MARKET unless you are someone that always advertisis themself everywhere they go.Like a circus.wherever they go they advertise it!!! :mad:
  3. Please post things like this in the community marketplace forum, it makes it more organized.;)
  4. yup. Obey the organization.
  5. sorry........................