SMP4 - 8157 - Diamonds 34r, and loads more of cheap stuff!

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  1. Location SMP4
    At /v 8157 or either /v GijsMinecraft

    What we sell:
    Diamonds - 34 rupees each
    Lapis lazuli (called blue dye!) - 1 rupee each
    Nether Stalk (same as netherwarts) - 5 rupees each
    Golden ingots - 6 rupees each
    Redsone - 5 redstone for 1 rupee!
    Ghast tear - 99 rupees each!
    Iron Ingot - 6 rupees each
    Pistons - 16 rupees each!!

    Also there is the possibility to advertise at my plot! contact me for more info about that! hope to see you in my shop.
  2. I was just wondering why I's gold cheaper than iron
  3. Because gold takes damage very fast
  4. i just went to your adres but your hole res was empty?
  5. I will make a store soon can i get advertise