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  1. (I was going to do this with meme generator but it ALSO seems to be lagging..)


    No really, why does SMP3 keep lagging so much? Is bukkit screwing up? It seems every minute it lags and crashs. Just wondering why.
  2. Don't make threads like these, it only encourages them.

    Also your avatar fits so well with the topic, lol.
  3. It does, doesn't it?
  4. I kinda was wondering my self as I am in the wild at my xp farm and was popped up on top of a mountain about 100 blocks in difference. :eek: THAT was an eye opener. No damage though other than nerves.:D
  5. Just kicked me off again. Oh well tomorrow will be better. ;)
  6. MC isn't perfect. smp3 did have a issue this evening, but it was corrected :)
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  7. That's a good thing because I was beginning to think it was something with my equipment. :confused:

    Working fine this morning. Dang work having to get in the way of my minecrafting!!!