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  1. is there any word or information on when its going up?
  2. It is probably going to be on Sunday, but could be Monday. I almost have it all setup, just working out a few things and we are taking this as an opportunity to make the new user tutorial a bit more difficult.
  3. It confuses me when people join the server and ask how to get a plot.
    Maybe one last questions could be.. 'How to claim land' ..
  4. Is there a way to copy a plot from SMP1 to SMP3?
  5. No you can't "copy" a lot. You can give up your lot on one server, clearing everything in it. And claim a new one on another server :)
  6. Good to know ;)
  7. justin, im really bummed out that you cant copy your plot.. i have a really epic house on SMP2... but if it means logging on for once... i guess its a necessary sacrifice. i simply wonder how long it will take before this server is full 24/7...
  8. full 24/7... already happens...
  9. I hate to tell you, but I see smp3 launching and filling up just as quickly as smp2 did... Nearly instantaneously... :/
  10. It'll probably fill up faster, considering the larger fan-base when compared to the full smp1. Though this is probably why Justin is already starting work on smp4.
  11. well more space does open for more supporters which means more money which means more server possibilities... but given that so many people are trying to get on all of the time it will definitely fill up quickly, but it will be people who already fight to get on to begin with. and then more members will get to play and experience the world they already love. You cant please everyone all of the time. But smp3 is a step closer
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  12. You have information that even the staff doesn't have? :) This has not been brought up at all yet... :D

    When things are brought up between Justin and Jeremy, they go to staff for discussion and configuration first. Then they go to supporters for further discussion and suggestion for changes. Finally they go to the entire community for announcement...

    *However, yes, it will eventually be implemented. It is inevitable. :p
  13. Just going off what Justin said earlier today on smp2. If it's not true, then I'm probably just a bit off kilter.
  14. Maybe he was referring to smp3? As I said, smp4 will come in due time. :) It is inevitable. We will probably be up to smp10 and still not have everyone in the Empire playing at one time... :)
  15. Haha my bad, I did mention smp4 earlier in chat today, and it is true with smp3 almost done I am already looking at smp4 :)
  16. By the new year we have 10 smp servers at this rate X_X
  17. lol yeah. As much as we would like to just add 100 we want to continue to do it in a controlled fashion, such as having the right amount of staff :)
  18. speaking of, is there going to be any projected staff additions for smp3?
  19. We have been adding some building up :) We have a new staff list in the members section: