SMP3 Wild City

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  1. Hello EMC.
    I am here to announce that the Wild City I had run during the early spring of this year is now to be back up and running within a few days. First and foremost, make sure that when you apply and are accepted to the city, that you put the most valuable items and items you dont want to lose in an ender chest, as there is one at the outpost. However, I have not been to the city in a couple months so I will check if there is one still. In addition, you will need to bring farming tools and building materials with you so that you have a house and a farm for yourself.

    So, the new and revised application!
    (copy and paste the application format into your response when applying)

    In-Game name:
    How long have you been on EMC:
    Special skills?:
    Have you been banned? If yes, why?
    Are you willing to contribute your time to the outpost?

    When accepted, I will pm you the coords of the city.

    Notes: There are some houses built by people that either have abandoned the city, or do not play on EMC anymore, or have just not been on the server for a while. I will list the homes that fall into one of these categories later on. In addition, there is a large jungle near the city, so bring your axes. Creepers have been a problem, and still can be, so a mob protection army is needed.
  2. I am now in the process of moving the city from its current location. All buildings currently built will remain where they are, but they will no longer be habitated