smp3 server being a pain

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by JustinGuy, Jan 7, 2012.

  1. Sorry everyone had to restart the smp3 server twice today and a couple times yesterday. I am looking into what the problem is because this is a little more than normal. The good news is that the restarts are very fast so we haven't had any real down time.
  2. Its because SMP3 has the most EPIC builds - MC cant stand the beauty!
  3. cool but i go on smp! it rules i like empireminecraft its my favorite server :D
  4. Do you know what was wrong with smp3?
  5. It's true, the pure awesomeness is melting the servers.
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  6. I am sorry, I will grace it with my presence to alleviate the sadness that is causing smp3 to act out negatively... :cool:
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  7. haha neglect
  8. Oh dear. It look like smp3 cant handle the awesomeness of smp2. Shame.
  9. D1, stop clogging up the server for everyone else D:<
  10. u restart so much cuz u set all servers to 60!!!
    set it back to 45 theres to much lag to dig now
  11. Maybe SMP3 was hacked by HEROBRINE!!!! *evil music and maniacal laughter start* :D
    But seriously, I want to know whats wrong, and I don't even play on SMP3!
  12. its being bad again... its not me!