SMP3 Nice Shop Prices at 6016

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  1. Hi guys and girls.
    I got shop at 6016
    Mega sale today on every item half price.
    So just check it out at SMP3 Residence 6016 Just type /v 6016 .
    Ty for reading
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  2. ure shop is awesome m8-i use it all the time :p
  3. ah yeah. :) forgot about that :D you bought all my stock all the time reselling it. made it hard to me keeping all in stock so i wanted to ban u temprarily :D

    i guess forgettting about it made it more than temporary:cool:

    and i'm not jealous at all... not as long it is made out of dirt :p
  4. Any screenshots?
  5. Simple wooden shop with many items. 2 entries or 2exit with plenty of paintings. (pretty near town spawn and pretty near Empire Shop. )
  6. i didnt resell it i used it to build my temple now house :)
  7. Now i sell Ocelot eggs (cat eggs) each 250r
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  8. Now changed price on Ocelot eggs (cat eggs) each 150r if you buy 4 when price is (425r)
  9. MY shop has Mega Sale today hurry limited items
    Even sale on diamond armour.