SMP3 MOTD Broken

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  1. Anyone else see it??
  2. PMC has a new system for claiming things. It's broken atm, but you can just ignore those for the time being while we work it out. :)
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  3. what is PMC- icecreamcow mean?
  4. Pet My Cow, then the dash points at the Cow's official name. Every server has one
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  5. I know every server had one I just didnt know what PMC - icecreamcow meant for helping me i will like your post :).
  6. Lol thanks:rolleyes:
  7. Planet Minecraft

    People were claiming to own EMC - So ICC had to prove they don't
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  8. lol love to see someone saying they own EMC and someone asking for op and they say ok xD
  9. Well if emc was planet minecraft's there would be over 300 admins, on this server these is 2 so planet minecraft doesnt own emc............... thats enough proof there.....
  10. I never said Planet Minecraft owned EMC - I said regular uses on Planet Minecraft pretended to own EMC
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  11. no just normal people posting saying they own smp4 for example when they dont not PMC claiming they owned it.
  12. Think we agree on something ;)
  13. That's a first. :)
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  14. I see the beginning of an eternal friendship!:rolleyes:
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  15. ................................................ Ik they dont own it they just said they did and jeramy had to prove they didnt but if you go look at the staff there isnt over 1000000000000 ops theres a decent amout of staff good number if pmc DID own the servers there would be 10000000000000000000000000000000 staff
  16. I'm sorry - But I didn't understand a word of that.
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  17. me too. And thats how I normally post

    EDIT: Another thing :p
  18. I think you might be a little confused.
    A few people on PMC (not the website itself) were claiming to own EMC, so ICC had to prove they didn't by putting his name in the server description.
    My God, the amount of abbreviations in that post! :)
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