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  1. Greetings, smp3! So I've already made 2 "map arts" for EMC - one on smp1:

    and one on smp2:

    My main residence is on smp2, but since I already have art on smp1 and smp2, I'd like to have at least one on each of the 9 servers (Can't do utopia unless I go gold or diamond again). These things take a long time to make, so I'll only be doing one at the moment.

    Now for why I'm starting this thread:

    If you can provide the materials (all the non-water blocks, plus torches) and wages (I'd say about 200r/hour, with roughly 5-10 hours of manual labor), I will make a 128 by 128 "map art" to your exact specifications in the smp3 wild. This thread serves as a contest to see who can come up with the best idea for what to make. If I get more than one request, I'll go with the idea I like best.

    Here are some guidelines for the suggestions:
    1. Don't submit anything inappropriate (use your better judgement)
    2. The final picture can only have these 11 colors: (Watch this video for more details:
    3. It must be square, and it must be reasonably clear when shrunk down to 128 by 128 pixels
    4. You don't have to have an exact 128 by 128 image file with only the 11 colors shown above, but your chances of being chosen will be much greater if you provide a good picture to go by
    5. Keep in mind that certain colors are easier to get (cheaper) than others. Blue is free, since the map art will be located in an ocean biome, but keep in mind that 128 x 128 = 16384, which is almost 5 double chests of blocks. Light brown and light green are both cheap, since they represent dirt and grass, respectively. Red is the most difficult, since it requires lava or TNT (lava would be cheaper, but can't be placed by wood, ice, or leaves).
    6. In your comment, please specify whether or not you can pay for the materials/labor.

    I understand that the person with the best idea might not be able to supply the materials, so if you have a really good image you'd like to submit, but can't afford to pay for it, just post it and we can negotiate payment later. If we can't work something out, I'll just go with the next best idea. If you would like to donate to this cause, PM me or post here first, since I don't know which types of blocks I'll need yet. If you want to do construction work (volunteer or paid), PM me once I've decided what picture to make. The main thing to know is that I don't want to have to pay for this project like I did with the previous two.

    This Saturday Next Monday (November the 3rd), I'll choose my favorite suggestion. If I don't see any ideas I like... well, we can worry about that on Saturday then. I look forward to seeing your ideas!
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  2. I will BUY that Jimi Hendrix map from you, as long as the image will still be there if I vault it,
  3. Map will be blank when vaulted just like books
  4. ^What he said. Currently, you can only view maps of the same server. But hopefully that'll be updated soon.
  5. Also, anyone with an empty map can get the image for free, so long as you have permission from the owner/maker, and give them credit. I made the two listed on the top, but since someone else will be paying for the one on smp3, it's up to them as to whether or not people can make copies.
  6. (Bump) Anyone with a residence on smp3 can submit an idea. Does nobody want one of these?
  7. How do you get them onto the map?
  8. I made myself a copy of the art, I have anvil'd its name to be:
    #400 (Its map #) Supereskimo(TM)
  9. It sounds like you figured it out...

    But you just right-click on the empty map while you're in the area where the pixel art is. Also, it never occured to me to change the name of the map. I'll have to experiment with that myself. Also, thanks for using a Trademark :)