SMP3 Lag, in an epic way you might not feel.

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  1. Well, there is an xp grinder i use (made by nmanley & infiniteloop)
    Before the 1.2 upgrade, it only worked properly (because of the water tunnels and the falling etc) with 30 players or so, it lagged with 60/60 or so...
    But now, that it's 1.2 the spiders don't even take the work to come downstairs. I mean, lag, just as 1.1 when 60/60.
    So the server it's getting hanged up a bit? i mean, it worked nice with 30/60 at 1.1 and now in 1.2 it doesnt even work fine 20/30...

    YES: I readed about Justin Saying there would be performance drops, but this is... Not acceptable for the EMC servers.
    I will try going on smp6 to see if it's hardware or something, but this must be checked guys :)
  2. Black rooms have stopped working and Mobs have new API that makes them "smarter".They no longer fallow the old mob traps and do not "think" like before :)

    Might not be the server,Might be the new API´s.
  3. That makes me sad. But arent the new API's only zombie and skel's?
  4. Not to mention SMP3 is on the old server, Justin stated that he will be upgrading some time soon.
  5. No,Now they are all mobs including Creepers,Ghasts,Spider and so on :D
  6. There was a HUGE load of lag on the smp5 server today, causing it to crash I think. 1.2 really is putting extra load on the servers!
  7. Yea, I guess it is to be expected for the first week or so, it'll all pan out soon I'm sure.
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  8. Yeah I agree there is longer chunk loading But remember The more supporters there are The better the servers will get :) *Hint Hint*