[SMP3] Gold farm location

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  1. A user gave me hints about the gold farm, it was too vague. The path was broken. The hints I got: SMP3 center frontier nether, look for a portal, follow the path. PM me if you have figured it out. Thanks! :)
  2. This is NOT what I told you. I told you the correct hints at least 10 times and you kept coming back and asking until I ignored you.

    For the absolute last time; smp3 fronteir main spawn. Look for the nether portal within the protected area and then go through the hallway until you get to the room. When you do one of the pathways in the room leads to the farm.
  3. I know where this is... just keep looking :)
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  4. I believe this was supposed to be semi-quiet... So haro, you might wanna delete that and take it to a pm.
    Smeone told me and the owner got ticked.
  5. This farm is for anyone who can find it without others hints....
  6. -I reported it. Someone told me. The hard way.-
  7. It's very simple to find, I've seen pictures of the portal on my Random Screenshot Thread. *hint hint* *Link removed*
  8. Ok then. Almost dying just for a farm for those people. (/-_-)/|__|
  9. Hint: I cannot give you a hint
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  10. Loads of people already found it, and they have told many of their friends. I don't think it'll hurt anyone if I give a few clues. Anyway I wouldn't think that a griefer would be willing to search a 400x400 block radius :p
  11. Ive been there and I think that any people who have spent there time on smp3, knows were it is ;)
  12. (delete your post before I turn you into mashed potatoes)
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  13. got it...not that hard :)
  14. Hold up