smp3: farm and wood shop

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  1. Hi!
    I am building and expanding a farm and forest with a shop. I sell everything I grow myself.
    Most farm stuff (eggs, leather, seeds, wheat etc) and all three kinds of wood available.
    Prices may not be the cheapest as I only sell stuff I grew on my lot and need cash to expand.
    I am always willing to negotiate or drop in some free gifts for frequent supporters. I also have a small wall to thank supporters or put up ads. I will also fill you buckets with milk or water for free if I am there.

    So please come and visit me at my farm / forest at 6996 on smp3 :)
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  2. hey,
    I and some other player have create a small roulette game. then some guy said all kins of gambling are not allowed here.
    Is this true? If so I will close the "casino" as I do not want to lose my farm. It is a simple roulette like game and I trust my partner to run it fairly.
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  3. Ask a mod to approve your game. If it is approved then ok.
    Bur most gambling stuff are illegal
  4. Thanks. Good to know. I will ask a mod then to approve it. :)

    The res is 6996 on smp3