Smp3: Buying TONS of glowstone!!!

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  1. I need stacks and stacks of glowstone!!!! Since I am buying in a bundle, I expect a discount. Usually, the cheaper prices for glowstone are around 10r. I would pay 500-750 for each stack of glowstone! If you don't have that much glowstone, and I don't blame you. I will pay 90r for 10 glowstone. I need all the glowstone you have! Message me if you have any available and I will pay you well! :D
  2. Wow I just sold 25 stacks today... Guess it's getting harder to get the stuff. If you still need more I'll hit you up tomorrow after a glow run and cut you a good deal.
  3. Wow! You must make a mighty good profit!!! :)
  4. Ok do you want to make a deal now?
  5. Sorry might be a couple days now... Wife is having the baby tonight! :)
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  6. By "Tonight" you mean tomorrow, right? :p
  7. I'm mean right now lol. We are in japan.
  8. Okay, whatever you say... :)
  9. Good luck Nurgles!!! Hope all goes well, and the baby is all you want and more :)
  10. Lol, that was random.. XD Good luck being a father bro!
  11. Glowstone is in demand at the moment, I've been after a load of it for over a week now. Not really looked in the past couple of days though.
  12. I have some if you still need it.
  13. congrats =)
  14. I've put some glowstone for sale at smp1 2195. aint going for 5-700 a stack though lol :)
  15. Actually, Im trapped in nether at the moment, but If I make it back, ill have enough glowstone I need. I didnt realize how easy glowstone was to find :D So I think this thread is over