[SMP3] Building project.

Discussion in 'Player Jobs Available' started by SlendisFI, Apr 8, 2018.

  1. Hello there! So you are interrested in joining the SlendisFi's build group? The building will be a huge one! We have a "small mountain" in the middle of the big jungle that I'm using as the base. On the mountain we will build a castle with big walls, four main towers and some smaller towers, a castle near one side of the wall and a market place. We also need to build a port with huge war ships and some smaller fishing ships and also the fishermen's village will be there too. But! Before I can invite you to the group give the honest answer to these 10 questions below. They will determine if you are chosen or not!

    What is your oppinion on griefing?

    How much do you like about building on a large project?

    How well can you follow the allready made design?

    What is your ambition considering this certain building project if you are chosen?

    Are you ready to serve under the guidance and demands of a person who lives in Finland?
    In other words: do you believe in stereotypes considering the Finnish people?

    Are you ready to be part of possible Skype, TS2 or Facebook live chat group for fluent movement of information?

    Are you ready to be seen on Youtube live stream or Youtube recorded video?
    Yes, I'm a youtuber...

    Will you accept the rules of the building group that are the same as the server rules with some addons?

    Are you ready to use any building blocks that you are told to use? (i.e. polished diorite and other "ugly" blocks)

    Have you ever tasted mämmi? And if you have did you like it?

    I will Check out the thread every day! Hopefully you will be chosen. Remember to be honest.