SMP3 (Almost) Free Trade Store

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  1. Announcing the opening of the
    Free Trade Store

    All Blocks
    Bought and Sold
    at (almost) no profit to me

    I have researched the best prices on SMP3 (from the larger, well stocked stores) and Im now selling all blocks cheaper than they do!
    More than that - Im buying blocks at generally 1r less than they sell for!

    Been mining?
    Want to sell your blocks NOW instead of trying to sell them in your shops?
    Come to me and sell them for best prices!

    Being paid to stock someone else's shop?
    Dont bother! Come sell to me for more profit!

    What are you waiting for?
    /v d1223m

    I watch the prices so you dont have to!
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  2. I feel so compelled to go because of that text
  3. (you thought I'd been quiet...)
    I've EXPANDED my shop!

    Now buying and selling
    even more items
    No Profit!

    Come /v d1223m and
    get the best
    prices on
  4. Haven't been by your place yet but just looking at it on the Live Map I can see you built a very impressive place. ;)
  5. Thanks, Its (almost) perfect ;)

    Its not really. Half the time Im tempted to knock it down and start again ( but not dig out my basement again! )
  6. perfect in minecraft I will never believe that NEVER I say!!
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  7. (almost)
    5000 Transactions
    this week!
    (and its only tuesday!)

    Get Involved!

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  8. 2012-02-01_17.52.27.png

    Mal has left us....
    Bye Mal!

    His bank/vault will be moving to my residence.
    (almost) All this stock is now available in my store.

    /v d1223m

    I didnt get nearly enough "almosts" in this...
  9. That sounds like a good shop and I might go on and check it out sometime to
  10. I went by your place last night and I just wanted to say it IS a nice place. I really enjoyed the views from various part of your buildings. I love the color coordination of shop products. Good job! :D
  11. Thanks! I have tried... Its been a challenge to squeeze everything into the building, it would of been much easier to plan the shop and build the castle around it! But I guess thats half the fun...
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  12. Can you please take all the fishing rods out of the chest?
  13. If its full I dont need any more - same goes for every other chest :)
  14. That moment you realize that fact having tons of items prepared to sell you can never use up by yourself XD