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    Soon comes my brand new store, Alex-Mart!

    This store is going to be MUCH greater than my old stores, Alex-market and Alex-Market 2!

    But to build this awesome store I need help.
    if anyone would want to be nice to donate some rupees or items to me, they will be put on
    The Hall Of FAME.

    Right now you can work for me if I am hiring.
    I got 4 workers, Sebbehallon, MayoMan300, Duskwrencher and Djozane.
    There are 0 spots open, but there are one reserved for SMP3.

    I hope to see you at Alex-Mart!

    This is the shops progress right now:

    Alex-Mart 6.PNG

    One Word: WOW!!!!!!! Sure alot greater than the last one! its getting closer to complete!
    Thank you SO much for donating 2,000 rupees! you will be on The Hall Of Fame!

    And I also got workers now! SebbeHallon, DuskWrencher (banned for no reason :()
    Mayoman300 and Djozane!!!

    But, well, this place sure needs more stuff.......hmmmmmmmmmm...........

    Hey...... what about donating? if you donate enough you will get mentioned in the next edit and might get to be on The Hall Of Fame!!!!!

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