SMP3-7345-Selling Coal/Charcoal, Sand(stone), Cobblestone

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  1. The European Coal and Sand Community

    Items/prices being sold/bought:
    (B = you buy, S = you sell)(last updated: 15.4.12)

    -Charcoal: B 35r/32 pieces
    -Coal: B 35r/32 pieces ::: S 30r/32 pieces
    -Sand: B 25 r/stack
    -Sandstone: B 40 r/stack

    NEWS and UPDATES (these will also appear on the notice board inside the shop, but possibly shortened):

    -Sandstone lowly restocked (=10 stacks about), Charcoal underway (logs being burned)
    -Sand to be restocked this weekend
    -Sorry about the low stock. I, unfortunately for you, have to attend school and study for it, and I am no lifeless, I do sports on a daily basis. Now you have to prioritize (NOTE: Minecraft = Videogame), and I do try to get restocked, but its really tough sometimes, especially weekdays. Now I thank for the support of every customer I've ever had. I honestly try.

    I WILL do BulkSales on the stocked items, just message me! :)
    I can also be employed to do INTERIOR HOUSE DESIGN. Message me for this as well.
    You can ADVERTISE on the NOTICEBOARD for 50R/WK, or 100r/wk for BOLD FONT advertising.
    (Plz note: This thread has been re-used. It was actually the opening announcement, hence the title. The title may contain false information. This post ONLY contains TRUE FACTS as of the dates marked)