SMP3-7314-Enchantment store/Potions

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  1. Dear fellow emc members at res 7314 or Jimbonothing64-2 I am making an enchantment store.
    At the moment I am buying and selling enchanted items. If you want to sell an item to me Please PM me.
    Once I have stocked up then I will begin to sell.
    I will edit this once I am stocked in items.
    I also sell/buy bottle o enchant!

    Orders can be posted here to!

    Diamond Chest-Projectile Protection III-450r
    X2-Diamond sword-Sharpness IV Knockback II Looting III-5000r
    Diamond Sword-BOA IV Looting II-4000r
    Diamond Sword-BOA IV-3000r
    Diamond Pickaxe-Silktouch I Eff III Dur III-3600r
    Diamond pickaxe-Silktouch I Eff IV-3990r
    X2-Diamond Pickaxe-Dur III-350r-SALE!!!
    X2-Diamond Pickaxe-Eff IV-960r
    Diamond Pickaxe-Silk Touch I Eff II-240or
    X2-Diamond Pickaxe-Eff IV Dur III-1290r
    The potions will be a wee while away so bear with me

  2. You can now make orders!
  3. Just making a url 4 my sig

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  4. Can you get me a diamond shovel Unbreaking III Effincey V for 2k?
  5. u cant get eff5 anymore as of 1.3 its a 1/100th chance i think on gold tools but thats it
  6. Then I guess I'll get I'VE for Eff
  7. I have someone I am in contact who has 64 enchanted spades I will see what I can do.
    (he is asleep at the momment)
  8. well if u see an auction with a eff5 tool thenthat auction is going to get really high bids since its a one-of-a-kind item
  9. They are alot rearer BUT they ARE possable
  10. No, it is impossible to get "efficiency V" on version 1.3.
  11. I can't get on to smp3 at the momment so I can't contunue building the shop :( until it is fixed
  12. Really? that sucks SO bad :(
  13. What should I sell projectile protection III for? (chestplate)
  14. Now selling one item! lol
  15. I think I'll stop by soon.
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  16. Actually, I cancel my order.
  17. Ok
  18. This IS VERY firmilar as in i made this at res 6007 not 1 month ago but i have the cool name
  19. I am looking for a zombie grinder to buy please pm me
  20. Just lowered some prices!
    And added more items...
    Will have 5 + new items within the next 24 hrs!