SMP3 - 7291 - Dye and seed shop.(Sorry Justin)

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  1. My dye and seed shop sell lots have good dyes. For seeds, I sell wheat, pumpkin, and melon seeds but do not have a lot of them, since it is not my main thing. Everything is in stock but don't have a lot of some things. I have pink dye(That you can use to dye your sheep, since pink sheep are rare.) but it is not on the shop floor, so ask me about it. That is all I have to say.\


    We now have the lucky dye room! For just 5 R, you can get some of our dyes randomly! Yet another reason why you should come to the Dye and Seed shoppe!


    All dyes are in stock.
  2. Oh, also, I change my price depending on how much of the item I have in stock. If I have a lot of one thing,: lower price. Very little of one thing: higher price.
  3. Bone meal is back to 5 R.
  4. I now have a job opening. Anyone who can get me 64 rose's will get 35 rupees or 4 pink dyes.
  5. Out of stock on: Lapis, cyan.
  6. I think you should edit your post like the one above just update it every time something goes in or out of stock.

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  7. I agree with albino_donkey. You should be updating your original post, not adding a new one each time something changes. We don't want every shop owner bumping their thread constantly.

    Edit: Good luck with your shop though :)
  8. Sorry guys, I will edit it from now on. :D
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