smp3 - 7115 MegaShop! Building Mining and Farming shop!

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From wich of this classes do you buy more products? post if you buy one of them the most! :D

Building 7 vote(s) 70.0%
Mining 3 vote(s) 30.0%
Farming 0 vote(s) 0.0%
  1. MegaShop located at 7115 - copherfield's residence, in here i have the solution to all the gamers! focusing on the 3 main activities at minecraft and bringing shop's to cover each one of them.

    Here are some products and the price of each one:

    Building section:
    • Cobblestone: 4 pieces/1r
    • Stone: 2 pieces/1r
    • Stone Brick: 2 pieces/1r
    • Cracked Stone Bricks 1 piece/1r
    • Mossy Stone Bricks: 1 piece/2r
    • Oak log: 4 pieces/1r
    • Pine log: 4 pieces/1r
    • bookshelfs: 1 piece/10r
    • slime ball: 1 piece/50r
    • gravel: 16 pieces/1r

    Mining section: (each)
    • Coal/2r
    • Iron ingot/8r
    • Gold ingot/12r
    • Redstone Dust/6r
    • Lapiz Lazuli (or blue dye)/4r
    • diamond/45r
    • Bringing tools soon!

    Farming section:
    • Seeds: 4 pieces/1r
    • Melon seeds: 1 piece/4r
    • Pumpkin seed: 1 piece/ 4r
    • Bone/2r
    • Melon: 4 pieces/1r
    • Pumpkin: 4 pieces/1r
    • Wheat: 9 pieces/1r
    • Bread: 3 pieces/1r

    -Other stuff may not be listed, prices may change, stocks are not defined, pay attention to SALE's because they are usually big!-

    I offer my services as advanced redstone engenieer, the following products can be made by me
    *price may be negociated in-game*
    - Sliding doors
    - Semi-automatic wheat, melon and pumpkin farms
    - 4-9 coded security door *in case you wanna get fancy*
    - Traps
    - others...

    Thank's for reading this post! please say if im out of stock because is hard to manage all those chests and fill them all the time :p

    GoodLuck HaveFun!
  2. -Shop closed due to change of residence do NOT hope to find my shop at 7115-
  3. Lol, advanced redstone engineer? Don't over glory yourself. :p
  4. tell me when you get a 9 button password protected door on a space little enough to fit on some1's residence.
    If you are envy, just don't post here bro.

    Also, what other name you suggest for someone that has high skills on redstone wiring and design?
  5. A button security door?!?!?! chance do you have one I could see I just would like to see the concept of one if possible
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  6. Yes i could, but maybe later on right now my number one priority is my guild's HeadQuarters and all my ingame time is destinated to that :/
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  7. That's fine I can wait. I don't want to take you away from your top MC priority.
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